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Welcome to the Lighting Revolution! Lights of America was established in 1978 by six brothers in Los Angeles , California . Having very little money at the outset, the business was run out of a garage for about a year until enough money was saved to rent a building. At that time the business made a name for itself and has been going strong ever since. Being a family owned business, LOA prides itself on providing consumers with high quality lighting products at an affordable price. Along with the products comes a commitment to customer service and support, which is handled through our nine service centers strategically located throughout the United States . None of this would be possible without the loyalty and dedication of our employees which has kept us at the top of the electronic lighting industry for both commercial and retail markets for nearly two decades.

In our twenty plus years of operation, we have revolutionized the lighting industry by constantly introducing innovative products which outshine our competition. LOA's contributions to the lighting industry include the phenomenal breakthrough of the electronic ballast and replaceable bulb concept, for use in compact fluorescent to replace incandescent bulbs. Lights of America pioneered the magnetic, solid state circuit, and electronic circuit ballasts. In 1991 LOA successfully demonstrated a 3-way and dimmable circuit at the California Compact in Sonoma , CA. LOA has several patents.

Lights of America introduced "The Twister Bulb", the compact fluorescent bulb shaped like an ice-cream cone, back in 1997. As it became an instant success with customers due to the unique and appealing shape as well as the compact size and even light distribution, many importers took note and have begun importing what are called "Spiral or Spring Lamps". We are proud to be the only "US Made" Twister style compact fluorescent lamp in the United States.

Technology is our life. We are proud to manufacture environment-friendly products, which are more efficient and create less pollution than ordinary incandescent light bulbs and fixtures, preserving natural resources for the current and future generations. We constantly strive to push the envelope of what is possible; from products that can tell when its light or dark out, to products that provide more light in smaller applications, our goal is to provide our customers with the greatest technology at the best possible prices.

Through your constant encouragement and support you have allowed us to be at the forefront of every lighting innovation since. Our commitment to you, our loyal friends, is to lead each lighting enhancement in our futures. Today, tomorrow and always.

1. Established in 1978
2. Debut Product: Circle Lite
3. Headquarters: Walnut , California USA
4. Other Locations: Pennsylvania , USA
5. Number of Patents Held: 100+

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